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it's really urs and Greg's business of course but the smart one is not the one that has the last word in an argument, the smart one is the first to stop it. Not giving advices or something, it's just random thoughts I've always been known having from time to time.

Serebro wasn't created yesterday. Fadeev really never tried to hide that he had some serious hopes on Lena and they've been trying to come up with project for her for long 3 years. The band itself is about 1 year old. I really think that even laziest person would find this time enough to come up with 10-15 titles. This project is obviously a dear one to Fadeev and if he goes for this concept, it means he wants to try different approach. Most of his project have a bit of experiemnting feeling about them and I don't see why it wouldn't be the case with this one.

Lena never said Serbian singer was a horny dyke. She said there was an accident and explained what happened exactly. I'm far from being homophobic.. very far actually but I must admit I wouldn't feel easy if someone did this to me. Marija is a nice singer and most likely a nice person but she does have that agressive butchiness in her and for girly girl it may seem being 'too much'. Political correctness was never Lena's strongest side, she grew up far from this big proper city and got used to openly expressing her feelings. But I've never really heard/seen her being rude for the sake of being rude, cool or scandalous.
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