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Originally posted by denial

So Ivan's project only come to success after Yulia got into the team...

I fail to see how you can draw this conclusion from the quote you posted. Whay part of that article leads you to believe that tATu only really began with Julia's involvement?

a young girl with strenght and determination.. even the girls themselves chose the name TATU ..

I don't think J&L did choose the name "tATu". In 'Behind The Scenes With Julia and Lena Part 3', in response to the question "How did you get the name t.A.T.u.?", Lena said:

"There was very big discussion what to call our group and there were lots of varients - different varients - and then we're just told "tATu"!"

I would take this to mean that someone just told them what they were gonna be called and they didn't really have any say in the matter.

I wonder what she made Ivan see in her.. but thats not a problem...

Again, I fail to see how you interpret the article to mean that Julia made Ivan see something in her. Maybe Ivan just saw what the rest of us see when they look at Julia - a really beautiful girl!

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