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Need You

Hey, ( priviet ) oh yes ! i know one russian word

First, i'm sorry but i don't speak english or russian verry fluently, but i hope that you will read me and understand what i want to say. I don't keally know if i'm in a good page of this forum to say that, if it is not the case i'm sorry again.
So, i'm a french tatu fan. In france we haven't got new about tatu since a long time, and i always don't understand all what i read on the different forum or web site that i visite.
I believe that lena and yulia are going to beguin a solo carrer, but i want to know if tatu will come back one day or not?
And I'm looking for Russian fans of tatu to discuss, I plan to make a journey has Moscow, I would like to speak with persons whom I could one day meet, who could learn me full of things of Russia.
If you find that I make pity, it is normal

I apologize has new for my crap English.

Spaciba (OMG i know a second russian word) -_-'
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