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darje, thanks for the thread! I think you are wrong about some of us.. at least me, are you kidding, I Love Tatu, Love Yulia and Lena! Things constantly change, and someone bringing new points in, we discuss them! That is why it is a forum. But note, we diiscuss them reasonably- everybody speaks their mind, tells their oppinioin and trying to explain how and why they feel/think about something. I havent seen any anger or hissy-fits. It is a discussion- it is a forum. 'Everybody has theirs own opinion' - allow me to use that quote here, no need to put name, we all know who I am quoing right?
And Tranz said it- those are things that concern Tatu- good or bad, hey- it's Tatu. Believe me, 99% of the people on this forum Love Tatu. Maybe- some just are open to discussin everything, and seeing, and considering new things, and others arent. What's wrong with that? Nothing- different people- different ways of functioning... simple... That's it.
Ciao from someone that's been Tatu for Long time, (pretty sure longer than you.) and continues to be one!
oh... o!