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Arrow ::officially sick:: What the hell is wrong here?

OK, months ago this forum was the best show of politeness among tatu related forums; while there was some doubters who did give their opinions now and then, mostly out of THEIR OWN HEADS, not out of magazines.

Now, it's impossible to differ bashers from doubters and the forum's getting downright foul. Who the hell should care about their sexuality? Who the hell should care about their rudeness? If you're a bloody prude then to be a tatufan is out of your boundries, not only because of their image but because of their music: who the hell are you kidding? Their lyrics aren't clean, nice songs for the emptyheaded. They've made many people think.

What the hell? Why are they rude? They're sick to the bone of being asked the same bloody question. And some of you have taken the chance of bashing them because of EDITED interviews, by people who obviously don't like them. And yeah, let's be mean at the mad russian lesbians: they're corrupting our children. *sigh* Did you know what Britney Spears did after getting off the plane on aztec grounds? Goody goody Britney Spears? Well, I'll tell ya. She gave the Mexican audience -=the finger=-. There were children watching, you know? And yet, everyone considers her to be clean wittle Britney Spears who never moves a finger, why? That damned event was hushed up by the media.

Now, now, Lena and Yulia may try to f*ck each other silly every night, and that should be solely their business, right? Well, no. It has to be blown up five times its real size so they can be perceived as mean, perverted, misseducated lesbians who are only here to be an act.

And according to my humane rights, I have a right of saying my opinion, just as Kate recently did. I know I'll be bashed for saying what I did, but I can't stand it no more, and I no longer care for what any basher says about me. I lost, completely, respect for many of those I used to respect earlier.

Many are ashamed to say that they're to the bone fans. I don't really get why. I'm sad to know this. I'm not saying that you should be proud to be a fan, but they're not a reason to be ashamed of.

And why oh why must it be proven that they're not gay? Will it do a lot to prove they're "mindless puppets, being forced to kiss by a sick child psychologist"?

I for one'd be soundly dissapointed such dishonesty was forced upon us, but I wouldn't slit my wrists, "oh no, they're not lesbians!" Because I believed, believe and will believe about their honesty and courage to show a relationship the world isn't prepared to accept.

The fact that they don't kiss behind cameras? Bleh. They'll kiss when they want. The fact that they're said to have sex three times a day? They'll jump into bed whenever they feel like it, ne? They're not puppets to kiss when told and grope when told. That's a loveful, respectful relationship to my eyes. Everything they do, they do it with the approval and permission of the other one.

And why does everyone think that Ivan is a brilliantly sick fellah who forces them to kiss? I might have to remind everyone that while Ivan is their producer, he is no longer their manager (Beata is). Ivan does not stick to them like gum to their shoes; he gives their staff the money for organization, and overwatches them so they won't screw up, but he doesn't control them. And he's a very human fellow, as far as I know: he might have weird ideas but he knows that his stars have a limit.

Edit: Oi. Echoed told me I should post a disclaimer so she earned having her idea of a disclaimer pasted in here, so...

Statement of opinion. Do not feel targeted. Discuss fairly. Thank you for your time.

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