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New Com'ma composition "TY!" (YOU!)

You.....Greetings Everyone. The other day we have finished the work of a new creative piece. Literally, not so long ago it was only energetic music. After several days it has appeared, The text was not written for the music and already we are here, in the studio writing lyrics for a new song which has now become "TY!" (YOU!). One thing did occur during the recording.....we all laughed, argued and then calmed down and drank tea! But still while recording the song Sasha got her lines all mixed up about 20 times and this made our sound producer Dima laugh. But still we managed to write down and make this excellent track! This song has hit something in our souls and is special to us. we want you all to like our song, so pleasant listening. We wait of your response.

XXX Snezhana COM'MA.

Listen to song at
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