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Originally posted by forre
sunny poison, Funny things we are discussing here, yes?
1. Interscope took YASSU, remade it to ATTSS and made the group worldwide famous. Their promotion.
2. The concept was Kiper's from the beginning.
3. Ivan developed it and went on with the attitudes and he chose the music. But t.A.T.u. is not only about music (your words).

What else concept can anyone suggest for t.A.T.u.? That was a combination and the link Y&L - Shap - Kiper - Interscope. That's it! The chain is broken. The concept is old. Shapovalov is not enough genious to come up with something else. If he was, he'd have recorded that goddamn second album a year ago.
OK, maybe they didn't have a future anymore. Maybe it was an old concept. But what pisses me off what that Ivan didn't even TRY. He might as well perpetuate this old image for another year or two with good music. But he did the worse thing possible... he just let it fade all out into obscurity. New image? Why shouldn't new songs be just enough for starters?? He should at least TRY.

It'll be funny how Universal Music will take all this in... will they just stand by and watch how their investment turns into dust? I mean there must have been some money that was given in advance to the girls (and most to Ivan probably), some money for the actual recording of the album that never happened... I mean... we're probably talking millions here. This will not end well for somebody, I'm sure. :/
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