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forre, I didn't say Ivan was a geniuos. But he was one of the most luckiest producers for sure. And he was always looking for 'different ways' in producing. Freshness... or at least a wierd combination of re-worked old ideas - this is what made TATU so successful. Ivan just felt the right way. This is something much more professional producers fail to do. They just follow the stream.
1. TATY had to record the first album and cause a real BOOM in russian show-biz to be noticed by Interscope. They made it to East Europe with their russian songs. You can't say it was only Interscope who made them so big. Tho Trevorn Horn is one of the best things that happened to TATU for sure.
2. Although I highly believe Kiper's role in the project was understimated, no need to jump on the opposites. She was as lucky as Ivan. Just one line that came to her head isn't enough to claim she was the one behind the idea. Her idea was a bit different from what TATU finally became (may be hers was better, we'll never know). Besides... well... the fact that Ivan was dating right girls and finding right authors he could screw so easily later only adds to his image of a good producer. To be in the right place and in the right time... yeah?
3. TATU is not only about music. If same song were sang by some other artists and had no gimmick behind, they wouldn't be so popular. Many much better songs were written even in Russia alone. It was the combination of gimmick, Y&L personalities, fine lyrics and nice arragements that made TATU so popular. Take one part away and the thing just wouldn't work. But the music wasn't actually the main thing Ivan did for TATU. He knows few about it actually. The main thing was that he picked right girls, made them look and sound as they do now, thought out the attitudes and story... he also picked the perfect combination of simplicity and deep meaning... simple music harmonies... choruses consisting of 2-3 words... easy to remember even if u are dancing hard along the techno bit. This is all we should give him credit for. Besides, the guy bothered to read a couple of useful books to lean manipulating with minds of the audience.

I wish the guy didn't earn enough money for future living, I wish he didn't get bored with the only real project of his life, I wish he had no money for all those joints coz they changed him in one year. Ivan once had some energy and life in his eyes. Now it's all gone. He looks like a zomby. I don't know if he's like this coz he failed to record 2nd album or he failed to record 2nd album coz he's like this now. Doesn't really matter now. Unfortunately.

Edit: as for his other projects - it was clear from the beginning: the guy is stuck with TATU. He was the perfect producer for THEM only.