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Thanks to all for all the reports

Originally posted by forre
1. Interscope took YASSU, remade it to ATTSS and made the group worldwide. Their promotion.
2. The concept was Kiper's from the beginning.
3. Ivan developed it and went on with the attitudes and he chose the music. But t.A.T.u. is not only about music (your words).

Of course, by now it should be clear that it was not only Ivan ... and it was not only Kiper.... it was a group effort! Also... it was all just a lucky break in the right time and place ... thank god for Fucking Amal and Britney Spears in school girl uniform ... so gathering ideas from here and there... little luck.. lotsa hard work... by a whole team... and we got the Great thing t.A.T.u. born and developed.

If it was only Ivan - 'the genius' - well... tatu wouldnt be dying/dead right now...

Life goes on.. lets see what happens next ... until then... lets keep singing: "all the things she said... all the things she said...." since that the only greatness left... the group effort... all else was cirrcus going downhill
oh... o!