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reviving the old times :)

1) Who's your fave? Xena or Gabrielle?
XENA OF COURSE! (It's like with tatu Lena or Yulia or course Yulia)
2) Lovers or just good friends?
Good friends my ass...lovers of course!
3) Favourite season?
3, 4, 6.
4) Favourite episode?
When fates collide, the Ring trilogy, in sickness and in hell, bitter suite, maternal insctincs, etc.
5) Favourite character other than Xena and Gabrielle?
Autolicus, Ares.
6) The ending - inspired or horrible?
7) If there's indeed a movie - how should they bring Xena back?
I don't care how they have to bring her back!
8) about fanfics...oh well I read almost every fanfic about X&G...
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