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Originally Posted by coolasfcuk

Bravoooooo, a great statement in the 'best statement maker' thread.

p.s. about the metal scene - 'real' metal (the one that old-school metalheads listen to) is not dead it has just gone really deep deep underground, and nu metal is exactly what you said - the fashionable-money making jokes labeled as metal
I'm waitinng for the new generation of fantastic hard rock and metal musicians to take over, and once this happens those "nu metal gods" wouldn't know where to hide. It's bound to happen sooner or later. THE BACKCLASH WAS COOL

and I don't care what Mossopp says on the matter, either

Mossopp, I offer you peace. The only person I had harsh arguments with before was darje but they were overcome and I now I think she had been one of the best forumers ever. I hope you can accept it too, and so leave our metal differences aside.