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Originally Posted by Mossopp
He's a hypocrite and a shit-stirrer and I don't understand how anyone would be able to overlook this fact.
I wonder WHO isnt a hypocrite?

The fact that you have a 'personal issue' with spy, mossopp is a totally different issue than the 'best statement maker'. As freds said, this only proves that spy is indeed a good statement maker. His statements are usually very well presented, he can support them, he can debate or say something interesting on almost any subject ... and look, he pushed your buttons and it worked. And people werent laughing at you or the metal music really, they were laughing because of the way the argument was presented, the statements that were made (including freds statements, which leads to me say: he should've been nominated as well ).

spy has always had great statements, and i have to admit his later return 'by unpopular' demand has entertained me more than before, though at first after the return i thought he was completely 'waco'!

I said i wouldnt vote anymore, but ... i will wait til the end, if its still tied, i will have to break it Nothing against haku here as well I just dont think he is that great statement maker. I would say forre, nath, spy, and freds are the 4 people that belong in this category according to me
oh... o!