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I receive reported posts from this thread.
Sorry, but whoever did that is lame, according to me.

When such questions arise, I think often about sports. What would happen, if they allow people born in a wrong body compete with gender opposite to their own.
Okay, I have nothing to base this on, but I heard somewhere that it isn't allowed because men are "naturally stronger than women". I don't know if this means that they have more muscle mass and women more fat, but I agree with it. I think if you look at women and men in general, the men are usually stronger. Because in sports it's about how well you use your body and I think men have an advantage when it comes to that.

And also, it saddens me to see that people are jumping on Talyubittu for where he lives. I've known you guys for several years so naturally I should be on "your side", but even though I know nothing about South Dakota, I can't understand why you keep putting him down for living there. Not everyone fits into the stereotype. That's like saying all feminists are hairy. But I guess we can't say that because people would be upset.

As usual - we are "open for opinions" here. But we're only open for opinions when they don't fit into society's POW. We think open-minded people who accept the whole GLBT (NO I don't know if that's in correct order) community are intelligent individuals, but as soon as someone goes against this even a little bit, we freak out.
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