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Originally Posted by Talyubittu View Post
I wanna f-f-f-uck you as hard as I can.
emmm, i am NOT sure what that is.. and how to understand it....

anyways, so i did not get to meet the gaga on friday... but with a backstage full of p.diddy, perez, kanye west, leeann rhimes, lil john, ect... i knew we can forget about getting near her, HOWEVER that is when T, the myspace guy told us he has met her before and that she is THE BIGGEST BITCH! ah hahaahha... and T knows all of them bitches (like lohan and so on and they are pretty bitchy) and so for him to say that Gaga is a HUGE BITCH, means she is not only the princess of pop, but also the princess of bitchiness!

we went to Teddy's afterwards... and some of the people from the show backstage were also there, but i didnt see the gaga, so i am not sure if she was there

also, my friends were hanging out @ Here lounge in WeHo (where they have the girl night party on fridays), but this happened on sunday march 8 when it was a gay boy night- gaga came in and DJed for a sec and performed a song in a-Capella and drove the crowd CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY

well, that's it... i see her again in about 2 weeks in Palm Springs @ Dinah Shore.... it's worth seeing that show again
oh... o!
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