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Originally Posted by the unforgiven View Post

fuck you!!!

Lily Allen is sold out in Paris and I'm cyring my eyes out because of it
have fun you lucky b*tch

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga ... bring me to Dinah
for real
moooove to LA biatch! i am serious, ever since ive been here... ive met SO many fantastic people... and hung out with people you can never imagine.... my friend is working on hooking us up with Lady GaGa backstage VIP passes as well... but shhhhh, do not comment on my facebook about that... cause it will jinx it, plus i am sure it will not look good lol
dinah shore is like an hour drive from LA... i am really concidering not paying the crazy $$$ i paid last year to be there.... i wanna just go see gaga and perry and LEAVE.... oh yeah, and uh huh her i guess... did i tell you i met camila grey for xxth time at a bar the other day and she told me: "you are CUTE" .... i guess i will take that as a compliment... she is fucking funny

no really... just be in LA... i have a car... it has 2 seats.... if you are nice enough, i will drive you to dinah ))
oh... o!

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