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So... here we go. No old footage this time.

It began with repeating on what happened last weekend. LoL. It was funny how some guy said: 'I warned you girls were upset. U should buy them some nice cars' LoL

So... Katya Nechayva was invited to Moscow.

It's not clear what Ivan plans to do. He changes his mind constantly. First he says he's going to leave the songs recordered by Y&L as they are and some Natasha will sing the rest. Then when he talks to BBC reporter, he says he will record the songs himself to show them to Y&L like he always does. he even sang it live. God... that was a awful as usual... V kosmose skvoznyaki... lol. When he was asked what he would do if girls refuse to sing, he said he could record those songs himself and that even that reporter could sing them... doesn't matter who wll if girls refuse. Someone can always do it. He also said the songs were ready... just girls refuse to record them. When asked if he knows what to do Ivan said 'Yes. I know. So we'll see'. Reporter laughed and asked if it was 'I know' or 'We'll see'. Ivan said: "I know that we'll see". LoL
Then discussing the future with one of his managers, Ivan said he had Katya and some other girl to sing the songs. So if they do casting, it would be just for reality show.

Lena's flat was shown with her step father showing a huge poster Interscope sent them as a present... 4 mln records sold worldwide was written there. Lena's lil sister said she loves her sister but she's not a TATU fan.

Big part of the episode was devoted to MTV Asia awards. They couldn't decide what to do. Bobza said they changed decision 5 times. First girls recordered some video to sent to Singapour as noone was going to fly there. Both Yulia and Lena were on the tape. But MTV guys refused to take it. So someone had to go. Yulia said she wasn't going to spend 20 hours in the plane just to spend few hours there and then go back. Later lena was shown preparing to leave... and Yulia was lying in her bed saying she felt pity for poor kid Lena who had to go. That Lena is always like that... that she won't argue or something. And that Yulia thought it was useless to go there in such mood. She said she was sure Lena will be crying in the plane... or may be she even cried at the moment. Coz it was a holiday and she wanted to spend it with her family or bf... and that it was wrong to mock at tem this way. hile Lena was there at the ceremony, Yulia was cutting Pasha's nails and he seemed to absolutely ignore her. LoL

Then Lena was shown in the airport... quite sad... she said she was too kind. And that they (she was talking to Bobza but meant whole TATU camp i think) ruined her life. It was in a half-joking way but still... Then Bobza said they didn't know what to do. And that first both girls said they were not going... then Yulia's mom called and said they were going... then after the car was sent to them she called again and said it was a final decision that they are not going.
So Lena went there, took the award and then was shown in the hotel room... saying how much she wanted to be home... saying hi to lots of ppl... in 'I'm a lil kid missing my mom' way... Then she almost fell asleep. But she called her relatives, friends to tell they got that breakthrough award. Then she was reminded to call Yulia and Vanya. About Yulia she said 'yep... I forgot about her. gonna call'. At Mansky's remark that Yulia must be worried now, she said "Volkova is never worried. She's always calm as a boa'. And she called Ivan to inform him about the reward. She said 'I congratulate you. Are u glad?' But it was a short talk as MTV guys were waiting for an interview or something...

Yulia's dad was wondering what Ivan could offer to get girls back, but Yulia said no matter what excuses and promises he makes, Lena and her don't want to work with him anymore.

Belochka was played. it was recordered by lena. Not even half as bad as it could be. Everyone said it was going to be a hit and that they had the 1st song for the new album. Ivan said they had 8 already.

Then Nechaeva was talking about the future of TATU. She said without Ivan there would be no TATU and that leaving Vanya and trying to save TATU had no sence. They needed to change everything or even go solo. She also said if Vanya finds new girls for TATU it wouldn't work. She also added that 1 year ago there were plans to put her in TATU. That she even had to cut her hair but nothing happened.

Yulia seems not to like Katya. She says that girl tries to look like her, that whatever she did with her look, next day Nechaeva had it as well. LoL

Last scene was pretty *cough* interesting. Two absolutely naked girls... wearing only headphones standing near the mic and posing for the camera. Everyone around watching. No comments here.

Final subtitle said: 'TATU in Podnebesnaya is about to finish. Ivan's head is full of plans but we'll talk about it tomorrow'. That's it.

Edit: lol i forgot some cool detail. DJ Groove came to Ivan and brought him some track. It was a music with Y&L's voices over it saying what a bastard Ivan really was... lol. Sounded cool... those phrses were quite in rythm. And the main thing: Ivan liked it and asked for the full version. lol What's going on in this guy's head?

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