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Russian Videoclips of 2012

Not really much good songs nor interesting videos in the last year, and consequently there were only a handful of Russian songs which reached the top 3 positions of the radio charts and even those were mostly cases of 'nepotism'.
DJ Smash & Vintazh - Moskva: Anya Pletnyova from Vintazh together with the most 'mighty' DJ of Russia with an abominable 'song'. Watch with muted sound, if you want to avoid the barf bag!
Eva Pol'na - Vsyo mir na ladoni moej (All World in my palm): Soon the whole world will fit in her torso. The song is for the generation 50+ and sounds quite the same as dozens of other songs from her and her former band 'Guests From The Future'. The video - no better than the music - boring!
Nyusha - Vospominanie (Memory): The Dancing Queen of Russia. Not a single song since her first appearance was a miss, and she continues making the by far best techno on the (White-Blue-)Red Planet.
5sta Family - Vmesty my (We together): Sounds a bit like a shtick for a childrens' party, but at least something for the younger generation at the tops of the radio chart.

Something else attractive from the known acts? Maybe...
Glyuk'oZa - Koshka (cat): Quite unusual for Natasha, no comics, nor a ballad, but a hard dance piece and a way more sexy Glyuk'oZa.
Vintazh ft. Roma Kenga - Tancuj poslednij raz (Let's dance a last time): The rotten meat on the front passenger seat is the composer of the song, Roma Kenga, and Anya shows that driving completely wasted can be quite exciting.
Mona - Grani (borders): One of two reanimations of the long gone past. More than 6 years ago she left the psychopathic Fadeev family, married a TV boss, gave birth to a child and wasn't seen anywhere near the showbiz, and bang! - back, with not even a bad track.

...and some life signs from the sorely afflicted girlgroups, which can hardly survive the crisis of Russian showbiz:
Serebro - Mal'chik (Boy): As the most popular girl group they didn't get into the top 100. Anyway, the video is just fun!
Reflex - Ya budu nebo tvoim (I'll be your heaven): The second visitation from the past. Irina Nelson left the group at the end of 2006, feeling too old for the group. Now Ira and Alyona are together again, and it seems that they didn't have aged at all. Anyway, by far the best performing girlgroup of 2012, keeping themselves in the middle of the charts for several months.

And finally, some new acts:
Elvira T - Vsyo resheno (It's all settled): The shooting star of the year. Number 4 in the charts for this song.
Water Low - Cassandra : Not only the vocals are unusual, the video looks, in a certain way, quite strange as well.
Galina Bosaya - Kuri! (Smoke!): Usually quite excentric, here she shows herself rather bog-standard, with a jazz-pop piece. Excellent singing skills!
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