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oh don't worry, i was being extremely facetious to see what response i'd get from the kid, and it was funny that he did almost exactly as i predicted (especially the corrected lyric, haha... oh how predictable, sorry... i just had to try (and i was drunk when i posted it)). "Titles are very important for an artist" bahh... tell that to Sigur Ros or almost any Printmaker...
You know you're right. Getting online and making a post for the sole purpose of getting a heated response from someone to irritate them makes me the "kid". Whats childish is me saying something like this in response...

- You make a number of posts that are virtually the same i.e. correcting people for various things and debating.

oh wait, thats true though

I don't understand the facination of getting online to "predict" how people react to your posts. Even if they are made facetiously.

Please don't use a cover up that I am childish when I correct your wrong lyrics or give an opinion that contrasts your own. It's not that big of a deal.

Thats the purpose of the forum, to discuss and inform people. If my dicussion of the group bothers you, perhaps you need a new hobbie other than photoshop, touring Europe, and "predicting" childish posts.

I enjoy this whole nomenclature with their titles, it stripping things down to the basics, where are song is just a song... it's like that whole "Aristocrat" joke... where things have an extravagant title but don't really deserve it. Though i think they are doing that with their group name, i think "Untitled Group" would have been great too...
Really? I think it seems lazy. It's actually just something lazy IMO - that they hope people will over analyze and interpret as something artistic. Which is what has happened here.

- I also think it's rude that she's saying this Serbian woman was nothing other than a horny dyke basically.


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