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Originally Posted by belissa
But when t.A.T.u. just appeared a lot of people said: "Hey, it's terrible!",
They did? I don't know anyone who didn't think it was great. Even if many people said they were talentless and fakes, nobody could deny it was a brilliant idea for a music project and most of all it spread out a very positive message of tolerance.

But what does this NATO project spread out? Nothing, except cheap shock. It's not a message of peace, it's nothing, it's a cheap shock, a cheap, disgusting publicity stunt and nothing else. Not even the lyrics for the song are published, which just shows it is clearly not about the music, but about making scandals in a very sad way. I mean, a woman dressed up as a muslim "Black Widow", a concert on September 11th with tickets that look like airplane tickets... How tasteless is this? It's terrible.

Ivan Shapovalov is using Terrorism for publicity purposes, not to say "Terrorism is wrong, fight for peace" but exclusively to shock. And then he comes with this cheap phylosophy and cheap psychology saying things he read in books, and that everybody knows and everybody else has said before like "Fear stops people", "Everything that happens comes from our emotions", "People only see what they want to see" ... Well DUH! Thanks so much, like that's really something new and original, and like that would EVER justify such ways to use Terrorism to get publicity. So, wait, "People only see what they want to see", so basically I must be such a cold-hearted bastard because when I see a women dressed up in a burka on September 11th with airplane tickets, I associate this with terrorism, right? If I was a happy person, I'd think "Oh, this is just a coincidence" and think it was just as innocent as children playing hide and seek, huh? Yeah, right!

I like the song, as already said. But this project has no message, and the atmosphere that surrounds it is nothing but a tasteless attempt to shock at any cost, even playing with the lives of the people who were killed on terrorist attacks.

It's nothing but a bad, tasteless joke.
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