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n.A.T.o. Article in Blender magazine Dec. 2004

There's a half-page article about Ivan's new project nATo in the December 2004 issue of Blender magazine (an American music mag).

I scanned and typed out the article for you:

Here's my scan.

And here's the text from the article:

Moscow producer replaces faux lesbians with faux suicide bomber

*THE MOSCOW IMPRESARIO Ivan Shapovalov, who made his mark producing lesbian schoolgirl duo t.A.T.u, has turned his attentions to a 16-year-old female singer whose style resembles that of a Chechen suicide bomber.

"The message of the music is love," Shapovalov tells Blender.

n.A.T.o, nee' Natasha Shevlyakova, wears a black burqa -- traditional garb for some Muslim women, and also the uniform of female terrorists known as Black Widows, who have been waging war on Russians for the past two years.

In the video for n.A.T.o.'s first single "Chor Jaon," released in September, the word's "Al Qaeda", "Iraq", "oil", and "Bush" flash over images of the Middle East.

The lyrics, Shapovalov says, are inspired by Eastern poetry. "I'm not leading a campaign," he insists, dismissing the inference that n.A.T.o. is making a political statement. "I like her songs, and if people are scared by a woman wearing a black headscarf, that means they are sick themselves."

In a country where a nightclub named Auschwitz saw success, some still say n.A.T.o. has crossed the line. Russian media have condemned the material and her timing.

The Beslan school massacre, a tragedy involving the Black Widows in which hundreds were killed, occurred a week before her debut.

Though ultimately cancelled, her first concert -- the tickets for which looked like airplane boarding passes -- was scheduled for September 11. "Any time is a good time to listen to music," Shapavalov counters.

Shapavalov, a former advertising executive and psychologist, is organizing a n.A.T.o. performance in London. "Nothing is getting blown up there," he says. VALERIE STIVERS

Source: Blender magazine (December 2004 issue), transcribed by Celtic Jobber for
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