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от Anneke и Odette с офф форума:
Yesterday, November 16, Odette and I had a meeting with Lena, Sven, Troy and Olga. We went to have dinner with them.

We were so nervous (well I was. Lena and Olga arrived right on time and she was looking beautiful and tall on her high heels. Sven arrived only minutes later and then we sat down at the table ordering drinks and later the food, which was great by the way. We talked about a lot of things and had lots of fun. They asked about Odette and I moving in together, about our previous meetings. Of course we also informed about how their work is going. Lena told us that they have 5 songs more or less ready and they have music for many more. They're thinking about melody and lyrics now. All the songs have a different style but in the end it all comes together. She also said that she is now staying until the end of December and is then coming back to LA in January for a new session. They don't want to rush.

About going solo she said that both her and Yulia felt it was time to try something new and she wants to develop herself. She had had the idea of going solo sooner, as she worked on some songs with her father, but she didn't have enough time back then.

We also talked a bit about Yulia. She also started recording. She was planning to come back to LA at this time, but Lena said she is planning to host that Russian show (about Showbiz) and that's why she is still in Moscow. So it looks like that rumour was true after all. Lena also said that Yulia sang different songs on her birthday and that she changed the lyrics of "The skies of London" to dreaming about kissing Lena. She said Yulia is very talkative, but that's she's very kind. She was talking very sweet about her.

Everyone toasted on our birthdays and told some anekdotes about previous shows and trips. Oh and Lena ate tuna, she loves white fish and tuna.

She and the others were so kind to us the whole time, it felt like having dinner with friends. At the end Olga suggested they'd sing us Happy Birthday and Lena said okay but outside. And the good news is they allowed us to film it. We can show you guys the video on the weekend. They were so cute! And we recieved kisses and hugs!! They then invited us to Sven's house. Troy said goodbye to us at this point. We went in the car with Sven. Lena and Olga had to go pick up some things first.

We ended up all watching a weird movie together (Lost Highway). We had so much fun laughing about it and trying to figure out what it was about haha. Lena is so funny making funny comments and stuff and cute when she says "oy". After the movie (around 1AM) they called a cab for us and we said goodbye (hugs and kisses again). We had an amazing night and it's a birthday I'll never forget. In the cab we talked about the evening, still feeling dizzy from the Salmiakki (a very strong Finnish drink). We went to bed happily.

We only took two pics, one in the restaurant and one with Lena before we said goodbye.
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