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We have to die. That’s clear. And Earth will die , as a separate planet , when the sun becomes a red giant . In five billion years or so. It will swallow the Earth , with Mercury and Venus , and throw them out in a halo of gas , and the gas may condense into stars again……..but all the time , we’ll be losing energy .
In the end , the whole universe will run down.... It will expand too far, it will thin to nothing , nothing but endless dark and cold.
But there’s another possibility. Astronomers say so , and we can hope…....At some point of expansion , the universe will rush together again . Over billion of years , time will run backwards , until all matter shrinks to a singularity . And then the Big Bang will happen again and everything will emerge again , utterly different but still in motion . And in some sense we shall still be there ( forre , and nath , and Amber , and freddie , Killa ,and Rachel and fudge…..) and I , as energy , completely transformed.
We were stardust once. We could be stars again.
Somehow we shall shine for other living things . Others will look for a meaning in us.

Shameless rip-off from wonderful Maggie Gee *Light Years*
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