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Originally Posted by fanoff View Post
Are BK known in Russia?They submitted an entry for Russian Eurovision national selection called "He's a liar" ,listen to the song here
The group BK! exists since late 2007, practically unknown. They make something like brit-pop and tried their luck in 2008's Eurovision selection with a song called "Don't Break My Heart". The band-leader Boris Hludnev was Dima Bilan's manager at his first Eurovision experience.

Only a few days to the dead-line in Russia, and no star is interested in the contest. The people in charge at the TV channel 'Rossiya' have to be completely desperate by now. Everything we have are Roma Kenga, LiVi, Stas Satsura, Balagan Limited, BK!, Unisex and porn-star Lena Berkova - what a list!

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