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Nath .. thanks for the videos.. they are awsome... I love them so much.. thank you for your time ... and I see that you are new with guitar .. but you are not bad at all .. well not that I am that good myself to comment .. but you are better than me .. you play like my talented friends ..I dont have talent .. I strimmed the guitar too hard .. I know .. everyone said so .. I tried to be soft .. but sometimes in the middle .. I lost the control .. I think its psycological problem that lead to the physical one .. LoL .. well .. with more practice you'll be very very very good with that song Sneg .. I am very very sure ..

Well . so I have 2 guitar books here .. now I have to find where the Cdroms are .. then I will work with this thread okay..

Here is another lesson for you:

I don't know if you already downloaded this video from Russian Video thread .. this song Piter by Yulia Mihalchik. (11.5 MB)

well this type of playing guitar .. we call it "plucking" .. well at least that what my friends told me .. lol ..

So I asked you if you can do this ...?
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
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You traded in your wings
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You never left me
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