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Tadam. Today girls were tortured by internet audience again. This time organized by AiF paper and their mods seem to be bit less sweet than Rambler girl. Here's russian version of the chat (they'll upload video and pics later most likely). And here's translation of the whole thing:

Host, 15:28
Good afternoon! Our guests are girls from SEREBRO.
SEREBRO, 15:29
Hello! Sorry, we are late. The traffic jam is really bad in Moscow today but we tried our best to get here.

Serena , St.-Petersburg
Hello! Girls, you rock!!! I was supporting you a lot!! So when is your album out??? And don't you plan to have some rest? It's just that I saw your interview and you looked so tired there...
SEREBRO, 15:31
Lena. Well we really are tired, they promised us some rest around January and we hope our album goes out in the bebinning of next year.
Olya. We are in the proccess of recording at the moment.
Lena. We can say that our songs are going to be really cute and feminine. That's a big secret we are giving out to you now : )

Alina , Jubileyniy
Hello.. Dear Lena, Olya and it true that you are going to perform with Sting.. and conquire not only russian audience but also try to break-through on international level?
SEREBRO, 15:32
Lena. Right now we have a lot of offers to consider and our producer studies them all. We won't let this secret out for now.

It was obvious at the final that Lena was feeling 'like a fish in the water'*! ))) What did Olya and Marina feel?
<Aurora: russian saying meaning 'comfortable, natural'>
SEREBRO, 15:35
Marina. I felt calm and there was this feeling of happiness because of being there.
Olya. I felt confident enough. I wasn't stoned and I didn't really think about how many performances I had before : )
Lena. Many think that Eurovision is scary because of 120 mln people watching. But it's not really that important how many people you perform for, it makes things even more excitig.
Olya. The three of us charge each other with energy on stage and we feel confident together.

Yulia, Gomel (Belarus)
Please tell us more about how exactly did Marija Sherifovich harrass you. What media wrote about it sounds not so believable. And if it's just a PR-trick, can't you just admit coming up with this story on your own. Or didn't you?
SEREBRO, 15:37
Lena. We didn't come up with this story on our own and we didn't even want to share it with everyone. If not those journalists in Helsinki, you wouldn't hear about it. We don't really want to comment on it anymore because, thanks God, it's all OVER now. All media wrote on this is true.

How old were you when you "private" life began???
SEREBRO, 15:38
Lena. 18 : )
Marina. Serious relationships — at 18.
Olya. First love - at 17.
<Aurora: aren't they 'early birds' or what? : )>

Olga, St.-Petersburg
Hello, doesn't E.Temnikova think she tries to imitate M.Jovovich with the way she speaks and moves?
SEREBRO, 15:40
Lena. Jovovich???!!! Wow!!! It's the first time I hear this, really... : ) Unfortunately, last time I saw Mila was in that 5th Element movie and it was quite a while ago.Now I see her only on pictures. But I don't really mind this comparision as she's really cute : )

I'd like to know: what kind of men do you, girls, like? (especially Lena).Because my girlfriend is a lot like Lena (she's very protective of someone she 'owns', very jelous and she always needs something new in relationship.. ) How one can surprise you, Lena, and are you really like this?
SEREBRO, 15:43
Lena. Alyosha, weren't you describing me here? Because I'm also protective of people I 'own'. I also love ordering people around. I need a man with a head and normal job, someone who can take care of our home, so I can go on tour knowing everything will be fine there : ) So far it's always the opposite. I'd love to meet a man who'd be able to win over my attitude and it's really pity I haven't met anyone like this yet : )

Anya , Tallinn
Hello, girls. What's your height?
SEREBRO, 15:43
Olya. I'm the smallest — 1m 58 cm.
Lena. I'm — 1m 64 cm and Marina — 165 cm.
<Aurora: what's with us selling midgets to the world?>

Dmitry , Moscow
Hello girls. The question many of your fans have I guess: how hard it is to become your friend?
SEREBRO, 15:45
Lena. It takes time to test friendship, I have friends. But we need to meet each other first.
Marina. I believe there's nothing impossible in this world.
Olya. When it comes to me, being friends with me is easy. I think so. Building real friendship really takes time, being just fellows isn't any hard : )

Faramir , Odintsovo
Hello girls! You are great! We really were supporting you and believed in you! We love you!
Tell please, what do you think about the fact opinions on you are so polar now and that many believe this project won't last long and it doesn't have much potential? Are you ready to surprise your audience? I'm personally one of those who believes in you and impatiently waits for new songs and videos.
With great respect, your loving fans!

SEREBRO, 15:47
Lena. Thank you, Faramir : ) It's really very nice to hear kind words. But we understand that you can't be loved by everyone and that's why we won't promise anything, we'll let our actions speak.
Olya. Will it last or not - only time will show.
Marina. I agree here : )

How close are you, girls???
SEREBRO, 15:49
Lena. Right now I'm sitting here and feeding Olya some nuts from my hand... Marina, would you like some water? We are very close. Believe it or not, Alenka, but we live together since January and haven't yet had a single argument. We love each other very much : )

LunatIK , Moscow
Who's this? And what is this? Eurovision is politics first of all and doesn't really mean anything. What happened to Fadeev after Linda? I thought he quitted russian 'material' (i can't even call it show-business). Who needs another group of high-pitched bambies? Max, it's better to leave this than making just another project like this (it's not even music, it's project)... Damn.
SEREBRO, 15:50
Lena. Right now Maxim is outside of the country. I think he'd gladly answer your question if he was here : )

Elena Vorobyova , Ivanovo
Didn't you feel ashamed performing a song that when translated to russian has so many words that you hardly can meet in classic literature, and that has one and pretty obvious meaning? : ) Did you like Molitva?
SEREBRO, 15:53
Lena. We liked Molitva a lot!
Olya. And we don't feel ashamed! : )
Lena. We are actually proud of who we are and where we come from. When some person has 3 uni diplomas, when he really achieved something in this life, he shouldn't feel ashamed of anything. And we have best people of Russia working on our project.

What's your opinion on Dmitry Koldun?
SEREBRO, 15:53
Lena. It's a very-very-very positive one, he's great and really talented.

Marina , (Germany) Halle
How do you think, wasn't Eurovision unfair? I think it wasn't.
SEREBRO, 15:56
Lena. I think it worked out fine for us and it makes no sense to keep getting back to this. And once again about professionals... This contest is really old, has good reputation and you can't cheat the audience. We are happy with our 3rd place. If anyone deserved better result than got, it was Israel.
Marina. And I think Sweden deserved more.

Artur , Ulyanovsk
Who do you think is a good candidate to represent Russia in Eurovision 2008?
SEREBRO, 15:57
Olya. We hope it will be someone new, young and talented.

Marija , Novosibirsk
«SEREBRO», I see you on TV daily now and I feel happy about it! And what do YOU feel seeing yourself from outside in such amounts? : )
SEREBRO, 15:58
Lena. Oi, Mashenka... We'd love to answer... But with our current shedule we didn't get a chance to see any shows and articles. We don't even know if opinions on us are positive or negative.

Girls, congratulations with 3rd place. What did you feel standing there in front of european audience??
SEREBRO, 16:01
Lena. First of all, I've never seen so many Russian flags even on parade. When we got on stage in all this loudness we heard: 'Serebro! Lena, straighten your dress' : )
Olya. It's a pity we had no time for hello's, the song began right away, we had no time for thanks either.
Lena. 3 minutes on stage is just not enough for us! : )

Dryana, St.-Petersburg
Tell us pelease about your plans for the future
SEREBRO, 16:02
Marina. Just like all other artists, we have plans for album, shooting of video.. and some other work too : )
Lena. And also we love our president a lot*!
Olya. He's very handsome : )
<Aurora: now before you look wierd at me, I have no idea what they were on either. But to avoid any kind of missunderstandings, I must make it clear that Mr.Putin for Russians is quite often just that fictional Macho character.. like Shrek.. Medved.. or Che-Burashka. People make stories on those, photo-collages etc. I remember seeing that wonderful portrait of Putin in black shades on the wall of MK office that got girls' attention. Probably they saw something like this in AiF office too (journalists love those things) or may be there was some remark on this that got them started>

Girls, is you 'ROOF*' on it's place? ) And what was that cool countryside house we saw on the pictures in '7Days' mag today? Keeping fingers crossed for you, hope everything goes fine, don't stop!!! I wish you to be successful and adequate!
<Aurora: Bleh.. another remark needed. 'Roof' actaully means roof. But in Russia 2 other meanings are pretty popular. When you say someone's 'roof isn't on it's place', it means the person is nuts and not exactly friends with his mind. Another meaning for 'roof' is a person or group of people (often criminal or someone from authorities or police) who makes sure the person's interests are pushed and he's protected well enough>
SEREBRO, 16:04
Lena. We were just visiting some very good people. They are our friends. Just having some rest, ordinary weekend : )
Olya. The roof is ok, no holes so far : )

Luba , Cherepovets
Lena, why don't you visit your official site?
SEREBRO, 16:05
Lena. Why? I do... just don't have much time lately..

Hello! Where can we buy merchandise with band's symbolics on it? You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!
SEREBRO, 16:06
Lena. We only give it out! We don't sell it. When you meet us, just ask and you'll have everything : )

@nton , Taganrog
When will we hear the russian version of the song#1?
SEREBRO, 16:06
Olya. Very soon.

Marija, Novosibirsk
Girls, what's you ideal of a man?
SEREBRO, 16:07
Marina. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He rocks in all ways possible.
Lena. (in english) The best!

Nastya, Krasnodar
Question for Lena Temnikova: I want to congratulate you with this triumph!!! Lena, how long it's been since you divorced Semyonov? And do you answer messages from your fans sent to your e-mail? And is it you singing that 'Telefoni-Provoda' song? Thanks in advance.
SEREBRO, 16:09
Lena. It's not me singing that song, it's another band under this name although brand SEREBRO belongs to us. I do answer e-mails but only 3% of them. I just don't have enough time and strength for all. We didn't have an official marriage with Semyonov and this question just isn't worth attention. I'm free.

Anastasia Ryzhova
Tell please, when does your album get released and when can we see a concert of yours? I also want to say that you are the best. I adore you.
SEREBRO, 16:11
Lena. Thank you, Nastya. It feels really nice to hear. We'll be on concerts starting from June and album comes out in the begining of next year.

Petia, Kondopoga-geroi
'Singing panties', don't you have shame?
SEREBRO, 16:12
Lena. Wow... I alsways said how much I love bands that demonstrate their bodies. We are very modest, like monks really : ) You got us confused with some other band : ) Although... if I had an ideal body.... : )

Lera, Yaroslavl
Girls, will there be a tour around Russia??
SEREBRO, 16:13
Lena. Sure we will have one like all normal artists... but bit later.. in autumn

Dmitriy, Moscow
Do you have time for reading books and if yes, what kind of books you prefere at the moment?
SEREBRO, 16:15
Lena. Very interesting question. I love reading very much. I'm quite a physcho lately and that's because I just don't have time for reading now.
Olya. I also love it, especially English literature. Right now I'm into Japanese one. Reading Ryu Murakami's 'Lines' at the moment.
Lena. Books are our real passion...

Yuriy Yaglov, Syktyvkar
Girls, what do you yourselves think perspectives of Serebro project are?
SEREBRO, 16:16
Lena. We are not fortune-telling agency, we don't know. We just do what we love doing.

Pavel Yeryomin
Girls, do you feel happy? Be honest please.
SEREBRO, 16:16
Yes, we are very happy

Artur, Ulyanovsk
Why is Maxim fadeev this negative when it comes to Serdyuchka with her.. how to call it not to be rude.. strange 'song'?
SEREBRO, 16:16
Lena. We don't comment on Verka Serdyuchka.

yummy, Moscow
Summer. Wonderful city of Moscow. Heat. One really wants to get drawn and preferrably in some sea. Don't you have those thoughts that you weren't that lucky with the time for all this popularity? You have to move from one place to another and the street feels like oven? And btw, how was your Tuapse trip?
SEREBRO, 16:17
Olya. And in winter it's too cold : )
Lena. We like evrything

Elena, Russia
Question to Marina Lizorkina: «When is your birthday?»
SEREBRO, 16:18
Marina. That's kind of question one wants to give long and detailed answer for : ) June, 9th : )

Masha, Novosibirsk
Girls, do you spend that rare free time together or you feel like having some rest from each other? : )
SEREBRO, 16:19
Lena. Sometimes we'd love to get rest.. But then we begin missing each other in no time. We got really attached to each other, like kids.

Darya, Moscow
Question for Lena: Do you think you are strong and is there a man who'd be able to break down this personality of yours?
SEREBRO, 16:20
Lena. I hope that some man will break it one day because it became realy tough, like titanium stick...

Lenok, Moscow
Will you take part in Muz-TV awards ceremony tomorrow?
SEREBRO, 16:20
Lena. We'll be those special 'full of pathos' guests : )

Laysan, Kasan
Question for Marina and Olya: why don't you have personal sites? : )
SEREBRO, 16:21
Lena. I have un-official site made by fans. And SEREBRO band has official site -

Lenok, Moscow
Where in Moscow do you live?
SEREBRO, 16:22
Lena. Tulskaya metro station

Dryana, St.-Petersburg
Girls, you ar ethe bestest. I adore you. Have you ever been to St.-Petersburg nad is yes, what do you think of our city?
SEREBRO, 16:24
Marina. I adore Piter. It's a beautiful, wonderful city. It gets fantastic there in summer. I've been there many times and hope to visit it more than once in the future.
Olya. And I love gloomy Piter, it gets this specific charm...
<Aurora: 'Piter' is nickname for St.-Petersburg>

Greetings from Lithunia : )
SEREBRO, 16:24
Lena. Thank you, Adam : )

Artur, Ulyanovsk
If not you, who do you think deserved to win Eurovision?
SEREBRO, 16:25
Marina. Marija Sherifovich of course! : )

aleksey , St.-Petersburg
1 Do you have musicl education?
2 Why was it you to represent Russia in ESC this year?

SEREBRO, 16:26
Lena. Because we were chosen by jury. They said 'YOU GO' and we went : ) We weren't really raising hand too high in this case : )

Marija, Novosibirsk
Do you have bitchy ones in your band and if yes, who?
SEREBRO, 16:26
Lena. Olya's cat. Real b*tch, she makes our lives impossible : ) There's a fish too. Also very bitchy. Thick-lipped thing... : )

Sasha, Moscow
Lena, question for you: I saw a picture of you crying when you got back to the hotel. What was the reason?
SEREBRO, 16:27
Lena. I hit my leeeeeeg with something really bad.. and I felt such a pity for myself. But tears were photoshopped of course : )

Girls, you are the best Russian representatives at Eurovision ever. I believe the fact you came 3rd isn't just an accident because Maxim Fadeev is never wrong with such things. Keep doing great job! I'd love to ask you: 1. What's your dream? 2. What qualities in people you like the most? 3. Best memory from childhood? Good Luck!
SEREBRO, 16:30
Lena. I don't have a dream, I have wishes and goals. Wishes come true, goals I work on achieving. I'd love to have very much money. I'd be helping homeless dogs, old people and children. Everytime I see them, I feel like crying.
Marina. Yes we have this dream to see less cruelty for weak and innocent.

Roman, Russia
to Lena: Those 3 long years after Star Factory that it took Fadeev to start serious work with you. Didn't you feel desperate? Did you have someone to support you or it was your personal strength and boundless trust to Fadeev that allowed you to keep faith in yourself and your talent and didn't let you to quit music absolutely?
SEREBRO, 16:31
Lena. I have very strong intuition, I knew that one day I'll have it all. I needed time to understand what I want.

Hello Serebro! Your ESC performance was great! Question to Olya and Marina: Girls, don't you feel offended when all attention switches to Lena? Relax a bit!! You are very cute girls! We love you!
SEREBRO, 16:32
Olya. Thank you very much. I don't suffer from lack of attention, so nothing to feel offended for : )
Marina. I feel the same, we all don't suffer from lack of attention : )
Lena. We are different and we have different fans : )

Daryana, St.-Petersburg
I bet people began to recognize you on streets now and you have to run a lot from them
SEREBRO, 16:34
Lena. We don't walk the streets. We move around in that shiny incassator* car
<Aurora: no idea what english word is, but that's the type of cars with special protection they use to transfer big amounts of money or other valueble things>

Host, 16:34
The conference is over. Thanks everyone.
SEREBRO, 16:34
Lena. Thank you for interesting questions, it was really our pleasure to chat with you : )
Olya. What Lena said.
Marina. Thanks everyone. Respect to Odintsovo especially : )

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