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Well as the girls are obviously very busy being on the 'tour' (read performing their only song once at some concert) in sunny Tuapse, I thought I'd post something equally useless.

So here we got a report from Helsinki by MTV Russia. It's cool because it has:
1) This MTV Vj I Taia-Katyusha who's humor I never really got in my life
2) Girls singing russian version of Song # 1 (I really want some of the shit their lyricist is on)
3) Girls (read Lena) singing our all-time patriotic song Katyusha at press-conference and being all happy about it for no reason
4) Theee Dress footage

Here's impressive 61MB photopack from Alexander Jdanov who had nothing better to do in May than following the band around and taking pics of them making fools of themselves.

And finally result of ME having nothing better to do and feeling traumatized after finding out that the model for that nice vector drawing I had as my wallpaper was actually Elijah Wood. I can't believe I had a hobbit on my screen for so long without even realizing it
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