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Originally Posted by la aurora View Post
Lol yeah.. but you know what's really sad?

It looked the same.. we, girls, had exactly same hairstyle.. and there was always this school star who participated in local singing contests to sing one of those song everyone sober suddenly feels all teary about. And we also hard a choir made of us.. and most were so drunk by the time we had to sing.. and we sooo had sheets of paper on the backs of people in front of us to help us not to fcuk it up totally and we still were managing to be lame. Really, this first part of the vid soo could be a part of MY video archive lol And that marriage in the end looks familar too.. I mean look at the bride! I soo have seen this before lol
ok, i guess that video has sounds LOL i just re-watched it with sound....

are you kidding me, i am older than you so our hairstyles were worse and to be honest... i avoided those choirs, though dont worry, we had them... except when we went to drink (which was every day) we went to the bar and never returned to school to sing, we partied at the bars and clubs... and then went home after midnight, only to hear my parents yelling lol

and the wedding - lol, that is a BAD one though... usualy at ours, the eastern in us kicks in and the gypsaaaaaa music comes out and everyone is on the TABLE!
oh... o!
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