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Oh btw 'Serebro' originally was planned as a solo project for some other Lena who was writing her songs herself and who Max found online where her song was put up as material for competition of arrangement-makers.

Information on 'Serebro' project by Fadeev appeared online quite a while ago but no one knew anything. The only info was that it's his project and he consideres it the 2nd most important project in his career.

First rumored 'Serebro' was a bit unusual project for Fadeev. Pretty Fadeev-ish in mood but Max wasn't writing songs and it was another studio where tracks were being recordered. Max was producing that one, helping with arrangements and the material for the album was almost ready...

And at the same time some curious fans of Temnikova had this 'secret' information about Serebro being a girlsband.. with 2 girls certain and 1 they kept looking for and with Lena in it. It was pretty unclear and seemed to be tough for everyone involved (Max can be quite a complicated person at times) but in the end Serebro suddenly appeared in the list of ESC candidates our media published. Few days after we saw few pics and fakes began circulating in First one was song 'Telefony-Provoda' - demo by that other Lena Fadeev was working with. Second fake appeared a bit later and sounded much closer to what we got in the end (btw, if anyone has an idea on who really sings this, I'd be curious to know as I failed to find matching lyrics back then.. information from native english-speakers on if there's some heavy accent in there would be also appearciated). By the time real Song1 appeared people stopped believing everything already

It's unclear what happened with that other project. Some rumors say the singer and her team just lost patience as Max wasn't hurrying with release and that they gave up 'Serebro' as the name without any problems as it was something Max came up with and had rights for. Probably the album will be released with another name and by someone else. Here's another song from that girl. I must say combination of soft piano music and depressive, angry lyrics with swearing in them is pretty 'interesting' lol
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