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crazy malchik,
it's hard to get an idea on personalities of 2 other girls. It's easier with Lena as I remember her from 4 years ago and can see where this or that comes from while these 2 are looking bit pale at the moment due to being put next to much more emotionally open and bright Lena who has also got much more experience when it comes to public attention. I guess they'll learn to be stars, they just need some time

But from what I see now, no, I don't get impression on her being cold-hearted. I think some of it comes from her dancing career. She's been in it for 13 years and has some title actually meaning she was serious about that. You know what ballroom dancers are like... they have to keep that straight back all the time and look classy. Probably this is what gives you that impression. But at the moments she puts it down, she appears to be rather shy and soft. I'd say she's the least bitchy of 3 even.

And I'll see what I can do about the album. Will post links bit later probably
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