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Promo CD (13 tracks)
Cover [front]
Cover [back]
this is a promo-CD they gave out in Helsinki, or Song #1 Single, if you like. The names of the files are wrong in this package. Check the cover to get the right order

Version they performed at Eurovision is a Red one (so is ESC promo-video)
Extended version of the song and video is Red2 one, I believe.

Black version is the one they performed on MTV show 'Polniy Kontakt'.
Blue version is a mix with Glukoza's beats. Natasha just gave birth to a child recently and you can hear them congratulating her and doing this version specially for her.
Orange one is acapella with vocals alone.
Rest are in various styles. I personally like Pink one even if I find it hard to understnad why this dark sexy version is called this way

Title thing explanation. It's a part of the simplistic concept they came up with. The idea is to provide content in a very simple pack. When you look at the Single cover, you can get the idea. All versions have various colors applied to them, so you can say 'balck version' or 'white version' without all that 'super-duper extended club badaboom remix by xxx'. The second song on the album will be called 'Song #2', so you already know the titles of all songs on the future album The album itself will be probably called 'Album #1'. I bet they'd call themselves 'Unknown Artist' if they didn't like the name Serebro this much. You can like it or not but that's the game they play.

Official site of the band is:
It opened recently and you won't find too much information there tho.

Greg, they have material for the album already. The problem is that they planned to release it in 2008 but this ESC thing makes them change those plans. Max just played a game of making different songs from original one showing all the possibilities. Some of those aren't exactly remixes. The vocal line was sang in a different way and couple of versions actually include male vocals. It was done for the promo-CD and it doesn't mean they don't have new stuff planned.

Oh and some cute pics from Helsinki:

P.S. Lena is hot

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