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Originally Posted by marina
I read your post , haku and you made me feel like ...I HAVE NO IDEA !
Stumbling over the second paragraph for the numerous times I come to complete brainlock...
Could you please tell us , semiliterate wretches , existence of EU is a good news or bad news ?
Hehe, i'm sorry if my post is a bit unclear and confusing.

In short and in my opinion, the EU is a great thing because it has neutralized the traditional alliance systems in Europe.

Without the EU, what happened in 1914 could have happened again when Yugoslavia broke up 15 years ago. Germany agreed with the break-up (and favored Croatia), France and the UK were opposed to it (and favored Serbia), but because they were EU members, there was nothing they could do about it, intervention was impossible, the EU blocked the traditional alliance systems and maintained the status quo, therefore maintaining peace.
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