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Let's all see rhapsody_au drool now. *evil grin*
Very nice, thankyou! *drools incoherently* Now you owe me a new keyboard!!!

As for short haired Gabrielle, I really liked her hair in "Punchlines" I think it was. Or was it the other one, where Aphrodite and Gabrielle had to get Xena's spirit back into her body from that little girl. Can't remember the name because the episode pretty much sucked, except for the hilarious Aphrodite/Gabrielle interaction. I loved those two together...

I can't remember the episode really well, but one of the best lines was from Aphrodite, when the audience found out that Aphrodite and Gabrielle weren't exactly siamese twins.

(To Gabrielle) "You lied to me?" *slap!*

xena225, thankyou for that smiling pic! So cute!

What did you all think of Janice Covington and Mel Pappas?
I loved those two and I love that ep! It would have been nice to have an episode with them in season six, instead of say, Soul Possession's Annie/Harry and Mattie. There were some AMAZING subtext/maintext scenes in there, but with the show coming to an end, it was rather a wasted episode.

It would have been cool to revisit Janice and Mel one last time, they were rather popular.

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