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I just wanted to say "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun " ...

What a f*ckin' episode !!!!

I have been laughing my head off literally at the "special effects", the flirting at sub-text and then the now infamous vampire bite (hmmm...nice !... move over Buffy !!) but the scene that steals it away is the dance Gabrielle has with the Bacchae ... Yummy !! Why, oh why they did not release that on the soundtracks amazes me..

xena225 I did not mind Britannia, although KraftStar was annoying at times ... Hope indeed was a character that could have been dealt with more effectivley...

karxwp Again I did not mind India, I thought that it was brave, although again that would have much more effective without the Peace Gabby... I thought the episode the Way could have been researched significantly better. It was such a central episode to the characters, Tapert let the side down on that one. Loved the effects though when Xena becomes Shiva , simply stunning.
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