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Well, well, well...a lot to say.

About the young generation. They don't have the big money like the western teenagers. Furthermore you can get absolutely every album easily for free on a huge amount of download sites and they seem to spend more money on other things, and don't forget - Russia is in an economic crisis. Another fact is that collections of current music hits seem to be more popular than individual albums. Probably there isn't enough advertising for the groups and singers too. In the end young people get their music almost completely from the internet.

About Zhanna Friske. Honestly I don't even know where she gets her money. Albums - no. Concerts - I'm not aware whether she is even touring. Tele-shows - no. Casinos have been closed, so no more money from there. As a musician she is definitely not major league, nevertheless Forbes lists her as No. 18 of the Russian celebrities.
About BiS. Ok, honestly --> , but some songs are ok. The clip for 'Korabliki' is a good one though.
Band'Eros: for most of the year there was a big nothing. Late summer they released the single Polosy, but it wasn't much of a success. Can't say that song and video impress me either...
Timati - he should finish to play around and finally do his own thing. More than 50% of his songs are co-projects. It doesn't work.
Grigorij Leps - his merits are an unusual and strong voice, with some vocal chord acrobatics and quite a lot of funny quirks during his performances. The video is nothing special, but the most actual one. Not always the best songs, but maybe Russia's best singer, especially when it comes to power songs.
Lazarev - too much running behind Bilan, lets Americans (bad composers - MTV ware) write his music, not in the premier league musically, but not far away. He just needs good music.
Koldun is Belorussian. Not so much fan support, in 2008 he was quite big, but he fell back.
The girls of Fabrika - were never really big. Famous for their summer hits and pure fun at their performances. Their main problem is a way too small repertoire and it seems that their producer neglects them. He has about ten other projects, among them another new girls group 'Mobil'nye blondinki' (and they are ).
Uma2rman - ups and downs. They are somewhere caught between the young and old audience, and too intellectual. Sometimes they have hits and they are hip, sometimes you don't notice them. It seems that they are quite successful on concerts though.
Polusya - not even sure if the name is correct. If there were no tatu, nobody would even know them, I guess.
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