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well, is so weird that the most $$$$ Acts in russsia are the ones beyond 50 , I`m not against them some of the ones you mentioned there(I like Kolya`s attitude more than anything ) I know and heard some songs and well.
what`s up with young people dont they recieved their weekly allowance from parents Albums are not that expensive there.
wow just imagine if that happen in the west Billy joel (good musician) and phill collings earning more cash than britney spears and jay z()

I like Ani Lorak, I think she has a great talent, and she`s from ukraine which is awesome!!
zhanna friske is ok, though I completely dislike her voice but no doubt she manages as a sex bomb for russians, even Yulia liked that hehe! and that sells!

what can I say about BIS bad copy of Backstreet boys mixed out with nsync, 1 is cute, (but not enough to make me want to actually Download one song)ok boybands are quite cheessy, but Damn at least some of their members can sing, but I doubt I can say the same of BIS

poor Timati, he seems to invest on his records, casue I dont think having Snoop dogg, scot storch in his Album has been cheap.
and well Banderos wasnt that band at the top one in 08?, what happenned?:/

Grigory Leps yhodi krasivo, his style on the video is a la Robbie williams :s, nothing special to me.

sergey lazarev has really good talented, much more than many listed,too bad that he`s always one step under Bilan, and overshadow by him almost all the time

but hey!! what about Dima koldum, and the guys from fabrika!!!!

are the guys from uma2rman out?, alsue , I always wondered what happend with the band that sang with ur girls (haha) poezia! dont even rememebr their name are there still alive? obviously not creme de la creme, not even when tATu recorded with them.
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