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Originally Posted by nikki View Post
Argos, how can you not like Eva Polna ?!
I love her voice, no doubt, but I don't like it when people release practically the same music over and over again, and even the hat in the clip is almost as old as her career. No, lack of creativity is a sin for which I won't give my absolution.
There are some good alternative groups around in Russia and some of the older bands have released enjoyable songs last year.
Ok, I wasn't very clear with my statement. I was speaking of mainstream music videos - dance, pop, poprock. Most people here seem to prefer this kind of music. Personally I can't complain about the releases of 2012. my favourite is Russian rock, and there was rarely a year with so many good album releases than this year, although I think even in this genre the artists were a bit miserly with good video clips. Ok, one gem I have to share: Bi-2 - Blef.
Svetlana Loboda also seems OK but I don't know much about her. My friends here enjoyed the song/vid Облака.
Ukrainians were not (at least not intentionally) on the list, they have deserved their own one. See below.

************************************************** *********************

Ukrainian Videoclips of 2012 - "Strictly Mainstream" Edition

The Ukrainian scene exposed itself much better than the Russian one. Despite their greater competition (international and Russian artists) they brought about three times as many songs into the top positions in the radio charts than the Russians, and the videos are something of the best. Ukrainian clipmakers are probably the most creative ones in the whole eastern hemisphere.

In contrast to the Russian list, where it wasn't difficult to decide which clips to show you, I had a really hard time to get this one together. I had to skip several videos which I really liked. Ok, let's begin, entertainment guaranteed!

The radio top scorers first:
Svetlana Loboda - Oblaka (Clouds): Sveta has to deal with an obsessed stalker. I love it how she makes fun of herself and her image.
Svetlana Loboda - 40 gradusov (40 degrees): Even better the other face of Loboda, the dramatic, emotional one.
Alyosha - Feromony lyubvi (Feromones of love): Alyosha is becoming more and more popish lately, doesn't hurt at all. A song to love the summer even more.
Alyosha - Tochka na karte (point on the map): Director Filatovich plays around with his new freeware 3D-animation toy atmospheric pictures anyway to a great song.
Para normal'nyh - Nevesta (bride): The group had some kind of sophomore slump, after Ivan left the group and was replaced by the (too young for Anya) Artyom. But now they are back in the tops again, a completely normal couple, as the group name suggests.
Para normal'nyh - Vendetta: Not quite as successful as their other song, but you have to see this video! Settling some dispute on the streets.
Delice - Nezhno-nezhno, celuj menya (darling, kiss me): Girlgroups, in contrast to Russia, can easily compete with the solo stars of the Ukrainian scene. This one is the prime example. They release a single and a magical hand lifts them up to the number one position. While I'm typing this they have already reached No.1 with their next song.
VIA Gra - Allo, mam: All good things have to come to end. The very last video clip from the most successful girlgroup of Russia and Ukraine, they closed the doors with Dec 31. Wonderful song with a moving plot.

And some more video highlights from other stars:
Max Barskih - Z.Dance - episode 1: Were you bored by your last Z-Movie you watched at the cinema? Try this one! Absolutely hilarious masterpiece by Alan Badoev and Sergej Solodkij!
Mika Newton - Don't Dumb Me Down: I think that Mika is the first ESC participant who could use the song contest as a spring board for a promising pop career in the USA. Everything except her is American here in this clip, but she is better than ever, despite her usual disposedness to exaggeration. Absolutely devine her faces in the quiz show!
Ruslana - Ce - Ejforiya (This is euphoria): You know her as winner of the ESC some years ago with her 'Wild Dances'. Up to now we rather knew her as a 'hooray'-patriot, but a frontal attack on the political and juridical establishment in this hopelessly corrupt country was something completely unexpected.
Vitalij Kozlovskij and Varda - Ne ostavlyaj menya (don't leave me): Well, Vitya has seen better times in Ukrainian showbiz, and this song wouldn't be worth a note...if there were not this extraordinarily choreographed video. Varda can't deny that she was once one of the world's best pole dancers. So, have fun with this East-European kind of martial arts called dancing!
Erika - Paparazzi: Music and clip ripped off from the first to the last second. But at least it's a really well done plagiate, and sounds good.
Olya Polyakova - Russian Style: It's Dec.21, 2012 - apocalypse, and only some spot in Siberia has survived. To be among the survivors has it's price: no kokoshnik (that ridiculous head gear) - no life! Superblondinka Olya leaves out hardly any platitude about Russian culture, and of course a Lady Gaga joke. Pure nonsense!
Payuschie trusy - Vasilyok: another plagiate, music from centuries ago, and the clip - a one-by-one copy of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild", ok...almost. And Olya the Sprat is somehow more convincing - definitely the most dirty clip of 2012 in Ukraine.

And of course, some work from the ones quite new in the scene:
The Hardkiss - Make-Up: It took less than 2 years for Yuliya Sanina and her band from practically unknown to the rock band of the year. Extravagant and stylish group.
Vremya i steklo - Garmoshka (accordion): A magical accordion falling from the sky and a run for being the first to touch it. Don't miss the very end of the clip!
Renata Shtifel' - Dusha (soul): Ukraine has a never drying up fountain of great young voices. Tiny Renata however has the problem of being way too soft for a showbiz girl. The manager tries to give her a tougher image. Martial arts, as in this clip, and leather-clad assassin in another one, but still: even a Yorkshire terrier looks more dangerous than her.
Natasha Gordienko - Kiev-Goa: Natasha on a not so uneventful journey. Even if the song may not be to your liking, you will love the video, and surely the singer as well!

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