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Originally posted by staringelf
and I'm still gonna vote for jockdstylez Some people are voting for Queenie too, and I don't see her picture posted online anywhere
Well, ok, people can nominate who they want now (as long as they are members of tatysite), but when i'll make the final polls i'll need a link to an online pic.

Originally posted by sunny poison
*runs to hug Haku and give him his deserved kiss*
*blushes majorly*

Originally posted by coolasfcuk
I was alsothinking of nominating forre and sunwalk together! he he, since they are the hottest when together .. is that possble?
That would become too complicated for these polls, maybe if someday we have a cute couple poll?

Originally posted by sunny poison
*looks at Haku**sigh*
It's a good thing i was not there at the time, because how could i say no to those eyes...
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