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Originally Posted by coolasfcuk View Post
ok, i guess that video has sounds LOL i just re-watched it with sound....

are you kidding me, i am older than you so our hairstyles were worse and to be honest... i avoided those choirs, though dont worry, we had them... except when we went to drink (which was every day) we went to the bar and never returned to school to sing, we partied at the bars and clubs... and then went home after midnight, only to hear my parents yelling lol

and the wedding - lol, that is a BAD one though... usualy at ours, the eastern in us kicks in and the gypsaaaaaa music comes out and everyone is on the TABLE!
LoL Cools, I mean I graduated from school in goddamn 2000!!! And we had those ribbons on our heads and stuff lol It's wierd how we somehow need to look what we looked at the first day we went to school.. soviet style u know lol Lena was lucky not to have uniform on at least, we did Can you imagine a crowd of cool party-loving 17 yo girls looking that pathetic? Haha.. And no, it wasn't a real choir actually. It's just we had to look like one just for 1 day.. for tha party. And as many of us (especially guys) never could sing, most skipped 1-2 rehearsals we had, many were drunk and never really knew words.. well that was something I wouldn't want to see and hear again Lena's 'Last Bell' party looked almost normal. It's funny seeing all those good kids and KNOWING that right after it was over, they went somewhere and got totally wasted lol I mean I don't even remember much from that night.

And yeah. The wedding DOES look boring. That's actually what makes it so priceless. I mean marrying couple looks sooo bored and gusts go doing those wierd drunk dancing.. and it was probably some cheap cafe they rented... LoL
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