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I have an idea

hi folks

thank you that you have given me some of the names of the interpretes.
My idea is, that i could upload all 4 books in original russian as pdf files. I'd have looked myself for the songs' names, but the problem is i can't understand russian ('though i can read it, i mean the russian letters).
So my suggestion is that someone, who has time and likes to and of corse understands russian , has a look for me (and for the other people here in the forum) for the missing interpretes names and especially the songs names in the books.

Here is the link: Click!

I hope DDL (= Direct Download Links) are allowed in this forum. If not, just erase the link (² admin and moderators) and you guys who want to help me, write me a PM for the link in case.

Best greetings and thank you for your time,
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