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Originally posted by Real_Lesbian
Yeah, that is true, but it was their supposed "honestly" that affected me so much.
I can understand that you’re upset and disappointed but I think you're also overreacting a little bit.

Who told you they weren't honest? A “documentary” that you haven’t seen yet. Why not wait till you know all the facts?

I can tell you exactly where I can see the honesty of tAtu – I can see it in many pics, in many videos just by the little gestures which tell me that they really care for each other.

Are they together in a sexual way? No, apparently not. They love each other but not in a sexual way. So, what is the problem for you?

The message of tATu is not “Hey, here we are, and we’re lesbians.” No, the message is “Love whoever you want to love. Don’t be afraid of the opinion of other people. Be who and how you are.”

This message does not say that it's easy, but this message has also given a lot of people (even you) a little bit more strength to be themselves. And it doesn't mean that Yulia and Lena have already managed to be themselves. There is always a struggle, and that is what I see in the reports of the documentary. They struggle to be themselves, they have made mistakes of course, but THEY ARE HUMAN!!! They have a right to make mistakes.

Originally posted by Real_Lesbian
Every straight person has their straight music, and what did we have? Tatu. And even they turned out to be fake. Doesn't that tell you something? We have no one.
Here are a fews artists who are REALLY LESBIAN: Melissa Etherigde, K.D. Lang, Alex Parks (I don’t know her music, but she is a really lesbian )… I will edited this post, when I remember more, okay?

So maybe that's where you can find the music which you need for yourself.

And finally here is what Yulia said about t.A.T.u. a little while ago:

”If I were a fan, I’d trustfully follow t.A.T.u. We give self-confidence. We give a sort of positive emotions… If to look at our group from the outside, I see nothing negative in our group. It’s not because of me and Lena. This group gives strength to people.”

I take this quote and follow them.


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