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I_Love_Yulia, you just made me laugh. That's like quoting Bush to say that the Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

I saw Yulia live. A week after that supposed abortion. Lena had stomache ache and couldn't dance and they were joking that she was pregnant instead. Yulia was lively and jumping around happily. One of my close friends who is pretty much like Yulia had an abortion too. She didn't look that way after a month. I won't even say what she looked like after a week.

And what if she tried heroin? did they ever say drugs are bad? or don't take them? and what if they did? maybe she learned from it?

so you know hate everyone whos religious and goes to confession? good to know how openminded you are.

I haven't seen the supposed bf but what if it was a fling? if she and lena had a break in their relationship? and now they are back together?

the fact is that I can't prove to you that they are real and you can't prove that they aren't. That's what this is all about. Everyone is fighting and no one KNOWS antyhing.
"Asking the right questions will make all the doubts go away." ~ German teacher
"Having the right doubts will make all the questions go away." ~ My best(est) friend ^^
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