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Originally posted by freddie
LMAO!! You stole that from ME! It was me who claimed that all along on and even BEFORE that, on (from the first moment I ever read that interview I was almost sure Yulia was bi) and you always kept dismissing that argument saying that the interview was not valid cause Ivan and Yulia were both just toying with the interviewer with their sarcastic ways. Oh what difference a day makes.
Freddie, your recollection is wrong. Read page 5 of "Are they lesbians?" on again (I told you to before when you made the same false accusation and you refused). I presented an argument that the structure of Yulia's anecdote was such that it only made sense for her to have said if she really did like girls. If you don't believe me, read what I wrote. Stop making this false accusation.

This is such a feble argument. Firstly... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can never categoricaly say which person would be pleasing to another regardless of the body features nor gender.

Of course you can't! Did I deny that Yulia found Pasha attractive? What I was saying was that Pasha wasn't someobody people generally would find attractive, so his appeal must be based on something other than physical appearance.

People's rankings of the physical appearance of different people from photos correlate highly. What differs much more is whether or not they pass the level of being considered attractive. Some people have different tastes from others, but studies have shown that rankings generally don't differ very much.

Very attractive people sometimes pick people who are less physically attractive because of some other characteristic about them that really appeals. Once a strong emotional connection is made on the basis of that the hormone oxytocin then makes them fall in love and find the person physically attractive.

I understand this intellectually, I just find it a little strange because I'm one of those relatively unusual people who doesn't get that effect from oxytocin. I have fallen in love and still not found the person sexually attractive...

You have said that the fact I have a degree in psychology means I don't know anything about psychology. Actually, I do.

This might be even a bit more complicated for bisexual people who may look for male characteristics on a man and female characteristic on a woman. So those two might be COMPLETELY different kind of sexual attractions.
You think Pasha looks feminine?

BTW, I'm somewhat bisexual, so I don't need you to tell me about the phenomenon.

Another point: the attraction to a person is not skin-deep. When we feel attracted to a person, it's the attraction towards their whole persona. Attraction can't be explained simply by aestetical sense of what is considered beautiful. It's so much more then that.
That was the point I was making!

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