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I agree with you Freddie. Maybe there is something wonderful Yulia sees in Pasha, and in my opinion, he's not so bad looking. Judging from that picture where they were hugging eachother they both look happy AND cute together. I don't think we will know what that "appeal" is (why Yulia likes Pasha, erm) but I'm not sure if Yulia knows herself. I mean, when you're in love with a person you're not in love with something about them in particular, the whole package is wonderful. And besides, we have never met Pasha (Don't know if any of you have, but I'm guessing not by the way you speak about him) so we can't really say if he's an awful man. He might be really nice you know, and he's not so bad looking, so Yulia doesn't have a "weird taste", she just has A taste, and you have ANOTHER. About the documentary, well, I'm not even gonna LISTEN to what they said there! Wasn't it manipulated? Yeah, the parts we didn't like were manipulated, but when Yulia says she likes girls then OF COURSE it's true.
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