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Originally posted by xena225
Lux, what about Yulia snogging that girl in St. Petersburg (according to Mad Debz?) How many straight girls you know would do that kind of thing? (Please don't say all of them... ) Anyway... I'm just saying... *winks* And not to keep repeating myself all the time: But didn't Yulia say in the documentary that because of her participation in tATu she discovered she had feelings for girls as well? Anyway: Everyone draws their own conclusions from what they read and see and so on, but even though we may think we know everything about Yulia Volkova, we should keep in mind that we DON'T actually, and speculations about her exact sexual preferences are just that: speculations.
I agree with xena about this! *members of tatysite faint in astonishment*

Not just that we don't really know, but that there are things to support the idea that Yulia isn't entirely straight.

It is of course perfectly possible that Yulia was only snogging the girl in St Petersburg for show and only said that she had feelings for girls in order to keep a little bit of the Tatu image alive. I did find the dream about Lena rather too transparent to be true.

The thing that made me think she could indeed not be entirely straight (I just assumed she was straight as soon as I saw the first YSSU video, such an old cynic am I), was what she said in the Ptyuch interview. The story about her parents' reactions only seemed to make sense if YSSU had been a joke and Yulia was straight, but the hidden irony was that Yulia had later realised she liked girls. The fact that Yulia's account in Anatomy matches with what I had deduced months earlier from Ptyuch seems too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

Originally posted by Lux
although i used to think yulia was highly sexual and thus likely to be bi/open, i always thought lena to be into girls. now, yulia is straight. she's not into girls, not at all. it's not that the more i think about her having a boyfriend the straighter she gets, it's just that, everything is clear: she's not into girls, at least, not into other girls. what thick blanket of delusion ivan has pulled over my eyes only to rip it away at the most crucial moment.
The strongest evidence that Yulia really is straight is not that she has a boyfriend, it's that it's Pasha. I mean, you would have to be very strongly oriented to men to even begin to think that Pasha was attractive.

However, Pasha is so unattractive to everyone else that Yulia simply can't have chosen him because she found him so incredibly physically attractive - surely nobody has such weird tastes. What his appeal is remains a mystery to me. One suggestion I've heard is that he reminds Yulia of her father - a strong, simple man.

I can't quite imagine how anybody could be so straight that faced with a choice between two people that they had feelings for: Pasha and Masha Tsigal (who presumably was the girl she referred to - five translators say it was another girl, only elf says it was Lena) they would choose Pasha. But then I can't quite imagine how faced with a choice between Pasha and other men, Yulia would choose Pasha.