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robbie 31-05-2017 20:31

Single: Silent Hills | Available on iTunes/Spotify!

Лена Катина готовится к выходу нового сингла! Песня получила название "Нирвана" / "Silent Hill" - на русском и английском соответственно.
Lena's new single is "Silent Hill" (English Version) and "Нирвана" (Russian Version).

Source: official VK of Lena's &

manatsu103 10-06-2017 05:10

Very excited to hear this! I prefer katina in Russian, so I can't wait to hear nirvana!

regigigas1505 29-06-2017 05:12

Cannot wait! :coctail:

AshMcAuliffe 22-09-2017 21:16

Good news. Loved her first record.

Endri 13-10-2017 00:49

Can't wait :gigi:

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