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Kate 31-01-2004 20:47

"Tatu in Podnebesnaya". Releases from 31.01.04 and 01.02.04. [aka Eps. 5 & 6]
We discuss "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" episodes 5 and 6 in this thread. Stay on topic, please. :heh:

Here is something Veter posted on the Russian forum about the 5th episode:

There is some progress - they were recording a song. Lena seemed to try, but Julia just tried a little and left. Said that she is not in the mood, and that her voice is down. Then they showed how the doctor examined her and said she shouldn't sing for 7 days. Also, Vanya tried to make Julia scream a little, but he refused. Then he tried to ask Lena, but you know that she can't scream like Julia does.

Thanks, Veter.

Translated by ME.

Edit: fixed a typo.

teeny 31-01-2004 20:53


We discuss "TYatu in Podnebesnaya" episodes 5 and 6 in this thread. Stay on topic, please
problem is that I really can't get myself to discuss something I haven't even seen :(

Thank you for the translation though :rose:

Unplugged 31-01-2004 21:03

This is really funny. Supposedly, Yulia answered in the chat that there are no problems with her voice. But then on the reality-show she can't sing for 7 days, can't scream... She still has the same problems with her voice.

Kate 31-01-2004 21:08

staringelf, Julia has been having problems for a year now. I don't see how 7 days can make any difference. And I am pretty sure that the album is not going to be relesed in March as they planned. I don't see why they set a release date anyway, it's not like it'll live up to it's title of the "release date". It'll be at best just another day with a scandal from Tatu. :grustno:

I dunno, now I think I'll even settle for Katya Nachaeva comming in to sing for Julia. Julia can just open her mouth on the concerts...

QueenBee 31-01-2004 21:09

Haha, well, I guess "Yulia" wasn't being quite honest with us :p

I feel sorry for her, but it doesn't really matter if they can't record for another seven days, they probably wouldn't have done any work anyway :bebebe:

Thank you Kate for bringing us all these translations.. I love you :rose:

Lena410 31-01-2004 21:11

well she sounded hoarse..honestly I think she just has the average cold..the cotton wool in her ear implies that too..Im happy someone beside me does that when they have a cold :D
so I think that its not *those* throat problems again..but it would be unwise for anyone to sing while having a cold..especially for someone who already had problems before

thanks for the translation!

Rob 31-01-2004 21:36

We don't have a clue when the stuff being aired was filmed.

Kate 31-01-2004 21:47

Rob, I think it was filmed sometime in the past 3 weeks. If they don't have "voice problems" or whatever other excuse they use, then why would they show us the film footage of them unsuccessfully trying to record? Wierd.

Plus, it's a "reality show", so we have to assume it was filmed recently, unless we are told otherwise.

I personally think that in the best case scenario, we'll see the album towards the end of the year...

P.S. Queenie, I love you, too. :rose: :lady: :D

Rob 31-01-2004 21:50

katbeidar, Your suggestion can be wrong as we don't have any evidence.

This RS is a lot but it's far away from being "real" and same goes for the time-line.

Kate 31-01-2004 21:53


This RS is a lot but it's far away from being "real" and same goes for the time-line.
I wonder whose fault that is?

*points at Shapovalov*

QueenBee 31-01-2004 21:57

I think this was recorded recently.. because I really don't expect Tatu to record something when it's not necessary! And yes, they say they have been working on the album for a long time, but I really don't think they're telling the truth. When they were "recording the album" I think they settled for scandals.. I really don't think they were recording (back then) since they probably didn't find it important...

Rob 31-01-2004 22:04


Originally posted by katbeidar

I wonder whose fault that is?

*points at Shapovalov*

Why "fault" - The original concept turned out differently than expected - nothing wrong with that. Time will tell. :cool:

xena225 31-01-2004 22:21

"The little forum of doom" - business as usual, I see.

Instead of wishing Yulia good health, and being happy that studio work was shown (didn't people whine and yammer for that before?), more negativity. Well well well.

At least, dear people, wait till you've seen the episode or at least wait till you get a detailed summary of what happened, before you do your usual little tATu dance of doom. Frankly it's getting to be a bit tedious.


haku 31-01-2004 22:25

Katbeidar, thanks for the translation. :rose:

But could this thread be only about Episode 5? I think we should have another thread for Episode 6 tomorrow, otherwise we're going to discuss two different subjects at the same time and it's going to be really confusing. :) Just my opinion.

QueenBee 31-01-2004 22:30

xena225, well I thought you would have gotten used to us by now, but yet you still show up telling us how bad we are about expressing our opinions. :P No, I'm just kidding :rose: But WHY should we wait until we see the episode ourselves? We haven't seen the others except 1. And besides, it's really fun to speculate. And sure, we can't comment on what we haven't seen, but people who saw it actually told us what happened (and Kate was nice enough to translate that for us :rose: ) It wasn't detailed, but it was something and we appreciate it and have fun speculating. Yes, we sound negative alot, but it's hard not to be negative about Tatu these days. Most of the time it has been scandals, scandals and even more scandals..

Rob 31-01-2004 22:38

QueenBee, tATu ist the way tATu is. They didn't ask you to stay with them, you chose them.

QueenBee 31-01-2004 22:41

Rob, yes of course I did, but no matter how much I like someone I am actually allowed to dislike something that has to do with this person. (Tatu). And it's not like I'm dying without new material, I am just saying it would be nice if they actually gave us some.

teeny 31-01-2004 22:43

qb, I'm still hoping to see the episodes myself. Not that I will understand a word at all, but it will still be easier to discuss something when one has actually seen the thing. One of the other reasons I don't really post a lot in the tatu part anymore. Well, the non-picture section at least.

QueenBee 31-01-2004 22:45

TLFdk, we're all hoping to see them.. :P I just wanna see the girls, doesn't really matter if I understand anything or not. :P But Kate has put so much work into translating for us, so I am having a little fun speculating about the translations.

Kate 31-01-2004 22:47


"The little forum of doom"
I love this nickname for our forum! :love:

*does the little dance of doom* Ooo-ga-ga Boo-ga-ga!


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