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forre 10-10-2005 11:53

New Moderators - Welcome!
Dear forum inhabitants,

Please greet our new Moderator Mino-An. She's going to help me and haku with the English forum. Echo and Cool have been talked to and since they are very busy at the moment, they are given status of Honorary Members.

Mino-An is maybe not very well known to all of you but she's a respected person in the Tatu community with experience of administrating official forum. Speaks English, Russian and Hebrew.

Cheers and welcome! :rose:

KillaQueen 10-10-2005 12:07

Welcome, Mino-An! :rose:

forre 10-10-2005 12:20

Let's hope she introduces herself in a better way. Com'on Ev, where are you? ;)

marina 10-10-2005 13:58

Welcome !

haku 10-10-2005 14:14

Congratulations Mino-An and welcome! :rose:

nath 10-10-2005 16:34

Congratulations Mino-An.

Joopy 10-10-2005 17:17

Woo another moderator everyone can kiss up to.
Congratulations. :rose: :10x:

Kappa 10-10-2005 17:23

Welcome, Mino-An, hope we don't scare you too badly. :kwink:

Mino-An 11-10-2005 10:14

Thank you, guys, this is really a great honor for me!

And you can call me just Ev :))

rosh 11-10-2005 10:51


Originally Posted by Mino-An
Thank you, guys, this is really a great honor for me!

And you can call me just Ev :))

welcome just ev ;) :rose:

forre 11-10-2005 11:38

One more moderator will be appointed during the day. Pat will announce it later.

haku 11-10-2005 14:25

Ice_Cream has joined the team of moderators, she'll be moderating General Forum and Forum of group Tatu. :)

You all know her so there is no need for an introduction, congratulations Rach. :kwink:

tainted_chick 11-10-2005 15:14

well done Rachel :D

Dj_Volk 11-10-2005 17:02

Ev :rose: and Rach :rose: !!

Congrattss girls ... u deserve it

cheers :coctail:

rosh 11-10-2005 19:14

congrats rachel ! :rose:

Veggie Delite 11-10-2005 22:36

congrats girls :10x:

be gentle to us ;)

forre 11-10-2005 22:38

Rach, welcome to the gang! :D

KillaQueen 11-10-2005 22:38

congratulations, your puddleness! :rose:

Rachel 11-10-2005 23:19

Thanks everyone! :)

Khartoun2004 11-10-2005 23:34

:) congrats Rachel. A real honor for our puddle queen :rose:

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