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manatsu103 23-07-2009 09:25

Terror Heart: Tales of The Macabre Goddess
So I havent drawn in 3 years for some reason. But I have just started a new series called "Terror Heart: Tales of the Macabre Goddess". It's horror tales primarily, and the art is in the somewhat style of Junji Ito. Here is the cover, I will post all of the comic as I draw it. PLEASE tell me what you think. :)

COVER (You can zoom)

Talyubittu 23-07-2009 10:09

Post more.

manatsu103 23-07-2009 10:31


Originally Posted by Talyubittu (Post 387467)
Post more.

LOL. I have to draw it first, I will begin on the first page tommorow. :)
Very creepy stuff, i must say... ;)
Is the art okay?

And Tim, if this were ever to be an anime, this song would have to be the opening credit song, (Which I think you will like, the chorus is AMAZING!)
Girl Next Door (WATCH IN HQ) (the video is sooo silly and crazy!)
The ending theme would HAVE to be this, Koda Kumi - DRIVING (HAS TO BE HQ!)
This is the MOST AMAZING SONG IVE EVER HEARD! The chorus is like a trip to electronic HEAVEN, your crazy if you dont like it, hehe, jk!

manatsu103 23-07-2009 12:28

I REALLY couldnt help my self...

Talyubittu 23-07-2009 21:55

I like both songs, but "Girl Next Door" was the best. It's really good.

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