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Igor 18-06-2005 15:41

Data export/syndication in
RSS on
All work regarding data export RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has been completed for International standard RSS was specifically developed for instant and simple export of data from one Internet location to another. Lately this technology was widely used over the Internet – many software types and services became available. They are able to "read" syndicated files and keep the users updated on the news of their favourite site instantly.

At this very moment, nearly every section of our site has its own export file, which can be used by anyone as he/she wishes. An export file, which contains data of all sections, can be found on the main (start) site. It's linked to News, Diaries, Press and Performances so far. Links to the export files has an orange icon "xml". in RSS for your LiveJournal

The most popular use of RSS found its way at, where the users are provided by open source code to create own diaries.

We are happy to announce that joined, which means that now you have a possibility to be quickly informed on News, Yulia's and Lena's Diaries, Press and Performances updates directly through the list of your LiveJournal friends.

Add Diary to your list of friends and be the first to know about the updates on t.A.T.u.
tatu_eng and tatu_rus

tatu_eng – News, t.A.T.u. Diaries, Press and Performances in English.
tatu_rus – News, t.A.T.u. Diaries, Press and Performances in Russian.

If you have LiveJournal friends that are interested in t.A.T.u. and choose to add channels, I'll be very grateful to you!
tatu_eng and tatu_rus.

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