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dollparts3000 25-04-2003 02:34

Does anybody like Nichya???
I do! I like the song Nichya and especially the video. Does anybody know where you can buy or download the album?

coolasfcuk 25-04-2003 02:38

Re: Does anybody like Nichya???
dollparts3000, I like Nichya. There is no album though. Just this one song so far... go to for more info :D

dollparts3000 25-04-2003 02:45

they should come out with a new song
I think Elena Kipper is really talented! too bad, she's not still with tatu. I like her new group, though!!! It comes across as really honest.

Charles 25-04-2003 20:20

I like that song.

QueenBee 25-04-2003 20:37

I <3 it.. absolutely <3 it!
WHEN are the new songs coming??? Come on, Kiper! We're waiting!!!

Seeto 25-04-2003 21:37

The song was okay...
I think Nichya is aimed more at adults considering thing in there and the duo singing the song.

I'm a teen, and it doesn't really attract me. Probably cause I can hardly relate to both the song nor the artists.
How old is Elena and Oleg anyway?

KillaQueen 27-04-2003 21:57

downloading the song now...

crni 27-04-2003 22:00

i like the song.
the music is VERY good and the singing part could be better but on a scale form 1-5 i'd give it 4 :done:

*waiting for another song*

KillaQueen 27-04-2003 22:21

ohhhhhh, i know this one...... it was that demo version who was supposed to be tATu's (Yulia and Ivan singing - but that turned out to be fake)... "i don't swallow" or something...... it came out pretty good, if i say so myself...... *thinks of the moaning* prostie dvizheniya, Elena??! :done:

Disengage 27-04-2003 23:44

I liked the one song I heard.. but it's just an old tATu song.

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